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P.O. Box 441749 │ Indianapolis, IN 46244

Flanner House

Service Area/Neighborhood Boundaries:

  • North – 38th Street
  • South – Washington Street
  • East – Capitol Avenue
  • West – White River

Flanner House of Indianapolis is a multi-service center that provides cradle to grave services for individuals and families who are moving along the economic continuum towards self sufficiency. The 10 acre campus includes a four-star rated child care center, an independent charter school, a social services division that has been recently designated as a Center for Working Families, and day program for senior citizens. In addition, there is a Marion County Library branch and a Prosecutors Office on site. How we were founded Since its inception 114 years ago, Flanner House has demonstrated its commitment to the provision of human services by planning and implementing a variety of employment and training, social services, economic and housing development, and recreational and health programs. The primary mission of Flanner House is to support, advocate for and empower individuals, children and families by applying educational, social and economic resources that moves the community towards self-sufficiency. During the 1960’s Flanner House developed over 180 affordable homes known as Flanner House Homes for men and their families. The homes are located north of Crispus Attucks High School and in the Martindale Brightwood area. The Flanner House sweat equity model was unique and became the precursor for Habitat for Humanity.

Neighborhood Amenities
Flanner House Homes, Edgemont Avenue housing reconstruction, 2711 Dr. MLK, Jr. Street, Mustang Ranch, BarBQ Heaven, Dr. MLK, Jr. Street Maintenance Fund, the UNWA TIF Development Implementation Plan, the Dr.MLK. Jr. Street Corridor Plan, the UNWA Neighborhood Plan

Organization Services
Social services/Economic Development/Facade Grants/Small Business Assistance


Phone number to call for more information: 317-925-4231
Contact: Wendy Cooper,